Key Accomplishment

Facilitated Major Acquisition of Multiple Corporations under One Holding Company


Our holding company Western Energy Support and Technology (WEST) was approached by a Private Equity firm seeking to purchase a majority stake.  The private equity firm wanted to close in less than two months.  As WEST had seven independently operated companies under its control there was extraordinarily little consolidated information prepared, creating a cumbersome and painstaking due diligence process.

Action Plan:

  • Assigned as main point person for seven individual operating SBUs. Served as liaison between professional firms (legal, accounting, and private equity firm), the operating entities, and ten individual shareholders of the selling entity.  Created and owned database for due diligence documents. 
  • Directed the creation of forecasts defining growth potential within each SBU creating consolidated value model.
  • Worked with each SBU to clearly define and document revenue streams by market segment and customer listings.
  • Assisted leadership of each SBU to define and document operational plans and product offering options.
  • All legal, insurance, HR, and accounting information organized and consolidated for the due diligence process.


Under extremely tight deadlines all necessary information was provided and all closing documents signed between more than ten stakeholders and the PE firm on the last day of the year, resulting in a stock sale of more than 80% of the company for over $24 million.  This transaction created significant value for previous entity owners, along with creating a roadmap to value creation for the new private equity owners.