Key Accomplishment

Analysis and Determination of Stock vs Asset Sale by a Private Equity Firm


After completing an 80% sale of the total stock in our holding company it was believed switching to an asset sale would have added long term tax benefits for the corporation.  This could have substantial implications to each individual SBU under that holding company’s umbrella.

Action Plan:

  • Analyzed and worked closely with high level accounting and legal firms to determine added benefit of switching from a stock sale to an asset sale
  • Helped determined complicated personal tax implications and reimbursements for individual stockholders who acquired increased tax liabilities from the switch
  • Gathered required data regarding both corporation tax estimates and shareholder personal tax assessments
  • Created present value return analysis to determine if additional cost and debt requirements would be beneficial to the corporation


The determination was that switching from a stock sale to an asset sale would result in greater than $4.4 million tax savings over 5-7 years for the corporation.