Executive Profile

David Seidl

Corporate and Private Equity Leadership

Leadership Profile

Outstanding ability to drive accelerated growth, maximize EBITDA, and position an emerging organization for an early exit strategy.  Adept at acquisition due diligence including industry analysis, target market analysis, formulation of operating plans, talent acquisition, and implementation of business development initiatives. To track performance, I am focused on building KPI metrics, structuring team accountability, and identifying mission critical financial benchmarks.  Accomplished at Board of Director advise and consent.

I have the business savvy necessary to succeed in today’s complex economy.   The paradigm shifts are profound and leadership must be nimble and quick to seize market opportunities, solve problems, leverage digital transformation, and possess the courage to make the buy, sell, or hold decisions that are right for all stakeholders.

I have captured the essence of these leadership initiatives in the following infographic.  While it obviously does not cover every issue, it does highlight the importance of integrating all functions to drive success:

  • Executive Leadership, Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Exit Strategies
  • Financial Management
  • Communication and Team Building
  • Strategic Planning


  • Organizational Collaboration
  • Operations Management
  • Product Development
  • Global Business Development
  • Cultural and Diversity Inclusion
  • KPI Metrics
  • BofD advise and consent